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The heart and mind of your audio visual project: 1wAVe is a synergy.


Enriched by 15 years of experience we remain curious and open-minded. We look forward to hearing about your project. No matter the scale or market. We’ll bring it to life with you, offering you peace of mind, confidence and satisfaction at every step.

Born from passion for AV and Interior Design, we are architects of the multimedia world. We speak the languages of technicians and builders while making technology understandable and enjoyable for all.


OUR Services

OUR Services



Quality work from skilled specialists. Audio visual installation, cabling and beyond. Challenge and complexity are welcome. We believe in integrating technology rather than only installing equipment.


We are independent. We have access to hundreds of the best products so our quotations are always tailor-made to meet your needs and budget. We carefully select our reseller's contracts so you can always trust our recommendations.


From simple advice to fully documented case study: Adding value is our mission. We are AV experts and we love sharing. Helping you cross the technical minefield, avoid expensive mistakes and ensure future-proof results.


Project Management

We interface with your team to offer full spectrum management: architectural, technical and operational. We encourage teamwork from start to finish. Efficiency is our mantra and we strive for best use of all parties’ time and skills.


We are happy to fix and improve existing AV installations. We offer flexible and rapid repairs with detailed and immediate feedback. Audits, tests and maintenance contracts are available as well.

Solution Deployment

We will become experts in your products to deploy it timely and efficiently across locations or client networks. We can change hats to wear yours and we have our passports ready at all times.



And more...

Equipment & Interface programming - Automation - Custom AV furniture - Audio & Video content creation - training, etc...

Passion and enthusiasm don't fit in small boxes... So please tell us about your AV needs and challenges.


Our Promises

Our Promises


1WAVE is Unique : See what our DNA is made of


Solutions, not standard boxes

Your needs always come on top of a blank page. Understanding and meeting them relies on a collaborative relationship. Although each project is different, our goal never varies: complete customer satisfaction.

Best Value & Support

We believe nobody is rich enough to buy wrong or cheap. That’s why long term cost-effectiveness and quality will always come first with us. We design and integrate AV systems that promote ease-of-use and upgradeability. Warranty, maintenance programs and on-going support further improve your experience and peace of mind.

No surprises

Our proposals include all the necessary components and required services. Any exception is always clearly outlined and discussed: No grey areas. Efficient reporting and complete documentation is included.

Enthusiastic experts

Although significantly experienced in the AV industry, we remain curious. We regularly attend trade shows and training programs. We enjoy helping others use AV technologies and improve their multimedia communications. Nothing is more gratifying to us than sharing our passion.


OUR Expertise

OUR Expertise



Public Address, Paging & Background Music

Conferencing, Discussion & Translation Equipment

Theatre & Entertainment Sound Reinforcement

Room Acoustics & Acoustic Materials


Displays, Video Walls, Projectors & Screens

Video Matrixes & Processing

Wireless Presentation 

Digital Signage

Digital Media Distribution & Streaming


Control Systems including Panels & Interfaces

Presentation & Training Aids

Meeting Rooms Reservation Sytems

AV Cable & Racks

IT Networks for AV


OUR References

OUR References


A (very) few of our satisfied customers:

Gloria Dominga
Wayne Cho
Daniel Amirpour
Gary Davis
Diana Sharma
Joshua Phillips




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